Archive of newly emerging ecological narratives

Bestiary is an ever-growing archive of Fuzzy Earth. We collect and archive newly emerging ecological narratives on the edge of environmental failure through the medium of character design, artifacts, and film. The beasts of the collection are not products of nature. They are envisioned, created, summoned, resurrected, or released to our environment as a result of a series of human errors and accidents. They might be real, mythical or engineered creatures.

The figures of the bestiary reveal themselves through different media; each beast appears in the form of an architectural relic that captures the characteristics of the creatures for the archive. Five different creatures are selected for the current display: the Acacia tree, the ancient Aurochs, the Panther from the Lowlands, the Paschalococos palm tree, and a revived mythological creature, Leshy. The bestiary re-examines our relationship with nature.

Images by Mátyás Gyurica
The Bestiary was on show in Pince Gallery as part of The Beast Returns solo exhibition (2022, Budapest) 
Curated by Anna Zsoldos