NPK = Nitrogen + Phosphorus + Potassium 

“Look at me, take a closer look at my stem, my leaves, my buds and flowers.Everything changed.
You separated us from the rocky soil and forced us to settle in single earthlike cases.
It was an act of control.
You replaced the ground with a cube of fibers, a lifeless substance in order to monitor my intake.
You dissolve crystal salts and powder based nutritions in my water.
I can feel it running through my veins and inflating my organs.
You learnt to manipulate my genetics.
Over time you made me stronger, bigger, sweeter and juicier.
The more changes you make, the more we rely on your assistance.
You taught us to be demanding.
You think you know what is good for us but once we might reach our limitations.”
Fuzzy Earth, Capsicum