Fuzzy Earth is a creative practice formed by Tekla Gedeon (1993/HU) and Sebastian Gschanes (1989/A). We operate at the boundaries of architecture, design, art, agriculture, horticulture and technology, while our mediums go beyond these categories.

Tekla and Sebastian founded Fuzzy Earth in 2020. Tekla graduated from the Architectural Association in London (2020) and Sebastian holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from TU Delft (2019).

Fuzzy Earth is engaged in creating an optimistic collective vision as a response to the ongoing climate challenges. We create spaces, objects and events that explore our relationship with nature and technology. Through the application of speculative design methodologies, our work challenges the role of ecological environments, industrial landscapes and botanical institutions.

Our projects infiltrate unexpected spaces such as market halls, beaches, domestic spaces and gardens. In the last years we exhibited our work internationally in London (UK, 2018 - 2021), Fredericia (DK, 2017), Nida (LT, 2016), Valletta (MT, 2015), Budapest (HU, 2014-2021), Barcelona (ES, 2021), Wuhan (CN, 2021). Our animation film about generational guardianship, the Extended Forest was exhibited at the Somerset House part of the London Design Biennale:  Design in an Age of Crisis (UK, 2021),  at the Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona in the framework of the Sustainable views show (ES, 2021) and at Aarhus School of Architecture part of The School in Real-Time lecture series (DK, 2021). Their research based installation, titled Not Quite California Wonder was displayed at Igor Metropol (HU, 2020), at the Budapest Design Week (HU, 2020), at the Off-Biennale (HU, 2021) part of the Menü Imaginare exhibition and at PLACCC art festival (HU, 2021) in Budapest and at A4 part of the White Night festival in Bratislava (SK, 2022). We launched a new public sculpture, called Shimmer, at Gárdonyi square, Budapest (HU, 2021). 

Inquiries: hello@fuzzy.earth